After-Sales Service

01- Warranty

12 months for the whole machine, 18 months for the air end and motor from the date of shipment to pur-chaser, except for consumable parts (coolant, air filter, oil filter, oil separator core, rubber products).

02- Installation and Commissioning

OPPAIR ScrewAir Compressor is an industrial general equipment, the installation is not complicated, according to the customer's site conditions and requirements. Dream installation engineers or local authorized service center will work closely with you to provide the necessary information and help in various efficient ways to ensure that your equipment is installed and commissioned safely and successfully.

03- Spare Parts

- OPPAIR Compressor and local distributors or dealers guarantee to provide all necessary related original spare parts (consumable parts, wearing parts, and key components), in order to help support our customers repairing and maintaining their' equipment in time.

- We recommend that customers always store enough easy-wearing parts and consumable spare parts in order to minimize system downtime and subsequent production losses.

- A list of consumables and wearing parts for (half a year / 1 year / 2 years) will be provided to customers.

- Air compressor oil is excluded in the list, OPPAIR will provide the customer with the oil type for being available to purchase locally.

Regular Maintenance Schedule of OPPAIR Air compressor
Item Maintenance content 500hours 1500hours 2000hours 3000hours 6000hours 8000hours 12000hours Remarks
Oil level Check (500hours is the first maintenance. then regular maintenance to be performed every 1500h/ 2000h/ 3000h/ 6000h/ 8000h/ 12000h )
Inlet connection hose Check/Replace
Pipe joint Check for leaks
Cooler Clean
Cooling fan Clean
Electromagnetic switch contact Clean
Belt / Pulley Check/Replace
Air filter Replace
Oil filter Replace
Oil separation core Replace
lubricating oil Replace
Grease Replace
Elastomer Replace
Association relief solenoid valve Replace
Pressure Sensor Replace
Temperature Sensor Replace
Oil seal assembly Replace
Intake valve Replace

04- Technical Support

OPPAIR provides 7/24 technical support to customers, if you need technical support, please feel free to contact us, we will assign you the most suitable technical personnel for your market, we have English and Spanish technical personnel.

We will match the instruction manual for each machine, according to different countries, we will match: English, Spanish, French instruction manual.